Today’s topic: Respect

Today I want to write about something very very important RESPECT

The reason I’m writing about this topic today is because I can’t I just can’t stand people being unrespecful it really upsets me and you can see it happen every day,bullying, girls calling other girls by names, abusive relationship, people being abusive to others not only in a relationship, etc…

Being unrespecful with yourself or anyone else is just WRONG!!!
Why the lack of respect? being rude doesn’t made you braver, insulting people doesn’t make you rise higher, cursing people doesn’t make you any good, Being unrespecful just doesn’t make you more important and it definitely does not make people respect you.

Ladies have respect for yourself and don’t ever let anyone disrespect you!

There’s just not a reason to disrespect someone. What you give is what you get in return so if you want to be respected start respecting others. Now I know there’s always going to be people you don’t like or some people might not like you but there is not one single reason why you should be unrespecful  is just not acceptable.

Women are beautiful creatures that God create to give life, yes ladies that’s how important we are and we deserve to be respected.


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  1. It is very true to have respect for one another. If more people treated each other with respect the world would be a better place.true words great post.

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