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Chickstyle News!!!

Hello my dears!

My apologies for being absent, after many computer problems and lots of things to do I’m back updating and I have some exciting news to share… ready?

*drum roll please*

My blog anniversary is coming up next month 🙂 and to celebrate I got my own website so Ladies for now on you can keep reading at keep following because I have more exciting news to come and a big surprise for you to celebrate my one year blogging.


I’m not longer going to update here so make sure you follow me on my website or on facebook.





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Reasons why you should start your day exercising

Do you know that feeling you get when you are just out of the shower, stand right in front of a mirror, drop your towel and look at yourself? Makes you feel confident and sexy and it feels pretty good 🙂 doesn’t it?

Starting your day exercising will make you feel more energize throughout the day and boost your mood. When you exercise your body eliminates stress and boost hormones to make you feel good by the end of the day you will be able to sleep like baby.

It helps you to control and maintain your weight and keeps your heart healthy. The more you exercise the less prone you are to get sick or get a disease. Did you know that women that exercise often are less likely to get breast cancer?

It’s fun and it’s good for your sex life
Exercising can be fun and as it keeps you fit you will feel good about yourself, gain more confidence and boost your sex appeal. You’re not only going to feel sexier and happy with your body you’ll be improving your sex life.

Exercising is not only good for your health and body it makes you feel better about yourself. So what are you waiting for to start your day exercising? Grab those tennis shoes and hit the tracks!




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Tips for a great date

You like him, He likes you, You really hit it off and had a great time. Second date is at sight.

Hmm.. I was thinking… what makes a good date even better?

Here I came up with few tips.

Golden rule:
Always take your time to get ready. This is super important because sometimes we get caught up by time, specially on a busy day so make yourself some time to prep. If you’re meeting after work take few minutes to refresh yourself and change or do whatever you need to do before going on your date.

Get yourself on a happy place.
Before going on your date relax and get yourself on a happy place so by the time you get there the only one he’s going to see is the fabulous you.

Wear your sexy underwear.
Wearing your favorite pair of sexy underwear will not only make you feel sexier but more confident.

Be open to try anything new.
Chances are that on your date you’re going to explore new places and have new exciting experiences so be open to try anything new, you are not only let him see what a cool chick you are you might find new things to do.

And those are my tips for a great date.

Be chic and confident!




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Cappuccino Cupcakes

Hello Ladies!

I have a very easy recipe for today and I love it because is yummy.

Easy and simple

You’ll need one Cake mix either  yellow cake or vanilla. Prepare mix according to directions. Substitute water with coffee, espresso is preference . If you used regular coffee  add more flavor to the mix by dissolving one tablespoon of instant coffee on 1  tablespoon of water and mix together. Bake according to cake mix directions and enjoy.

Top it up with cinnamon and confectioners sugar.

It’s perfect for a girl’s get together!




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Stop obssesing with your weigth.

Hello ladies,

I have something to say for today Stop obsessing with your weight!.

That’s right! please stop this unhealthy habit your ideal weight is never going to be right for you. There are a lot of factors that influence in your weight and the size you wear such as body type, bone structure, genes. etc.

Unless you’re over weigth you shouldn’t worry about starving yourself so you can lose weight. Size zero from the runway looks anorexic and let’s be realistic if you’re curvy or full figure there’s no way you can be that skinny but that doesn’t mean you’re not. Ladies embrace that bodylicious that you got!
Size zero is not for everyone and most of the time size zero equal anorexic. So if you’re really concern about being fit just follow a balance diet, start eating healthy and start working out, remember that following healthy habits will lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

I always heard about loosing weight or dieting and what everyone does to lose weight. I’m very petite and small so I can’t lose weigth in fact i’m always trying to gain weigth or keep it up.

Being fit and healthy doesn’t measure by what size you wear so don’t stress about loosing unnecessary weight.




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I want to read MORE: Review


I really liked MORE magazine. I didn’t know about this magazine until now and I have to say that I really liked it. It has pretty good articles about wellness and style. On my personal opinion is not the kind of magazine a girl would read I mean is more for mature women on their 30s or so but what I like about it is that this magazine is very realistic talks about real women with real problems and that’s something that is worth of reading and sells. Their style is very refined and I read their beauty compliment and I loved it, it has very good and practical tips for the every day women.

I’ll say that this magazine is for the real modern women with real every day problems, is simple, chic and stylish.

Definitely worth of reading.



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Getting over the Holidays

does any one feels the same after the holidays? ha ha

Hello Girls!!

I just took all my Christmas decorations and I realize the holidays are over. Welcoming 2012 with lots to do to get back in track, this week I’ve come to realize that every year is the beginning of something exciting and new and I got a new inspiration for this time of the year. Is the beginning of the year so let’s renew our closets ladies and define our priorities.

Do you have any goals for this 2012?
I do, not just new year resolutions but I have few goals I want to achieve this year so here I can give you few tips on how to stick to your goals and achieve them.

First of all organization and discipline is very very important. I’m not the must organize person I must admit but that helps a lot and the first thing you want to do is define priorities. Once you’ve done that and have very clear what your priorities are focus on what you want to achieve and how do you want to work towards your goals.

Be patient not everything is build overnight.

I hope my tips are useful for you.



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