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Chickstyle News!!!

Hello my dears!

My apologies for being absent, after many computer problems and lots of things to do I’m back updating and I have some exciting news to share… ready?

*drum roll please*

My blog anniversary is coming up next month 🙂 and to celebrate I got my own website so Ladies for now on you can keep reading at keep following because I have more exciting news to come and a big surprise for you to celebrate my one year blogging.


I’m not longer going to update here so make sure you follow me on my website or on facebook.





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Getting over a break up

Getting over a break up really depends on 3 things.
A) How willing are you to let go  B) The length and type of relationship you had C) The Reasons of the break up and it’s a process that sometimes takes time and sometimes is just almost immediately.

So the question is How to get over a break up?

Well before I keep writing let me tell you that there’s a difference between getting over the break up and getting over your ex. You can be over the break up but not over your ex. Now getting over a break up is simply that, getting over whatever happened between you two, the reasons of the break up and the fact that you’re no longer in a relationship once you got over it you can get over your ex so it is a process.

First thing to do is to get rid of  every negative feeling you have. Disappointment, Anger, Sadness, Frustration, etc… Get a punching back if is necessary. Take the time to process all your emotions. Once you’re over your emotions and got over the break up is time to get over your ex. At this point it should be easier because you’re on non-emotional zone so do whatever you need to do to get over your ex. What I think it works the best is unfriend him because the least thing you need is to know about him when you’re trying to get over him, so the less you think about him the more and the faster you get over him.

Keep yourself busy. Make no room to think about your ex
This is my favorite because is so efficient the busier you keep the more things flow so get yourself something to do on your spare time or even better find something new and exciting a to do and have the chance to get to know new people.

Pamper yourself
Do you know that feeling of wearing a revenge dress? Makes you feel pretty damn good right, well this is your time my friend to pamper yourself and get ready to get someone else attention. So indulge yourself, make an appointment to your favorite beauty spa, go shopping, get a weekend get away with your girl friends, Make it all about yourself!

Dating therapy
Let me tell you what’s great about dating again. Every time go out on a date someone reminds you what a awesome gal you are. You meet interesting guys with potential for more dates and have a great time.

Take your time, sometimes it’s a process but once you’re out of the emotional zone everything gets easier.





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Tips for a great date

You like him, He likes you, You really hit it off and had a great time. Second date is at sight.

Hmm.. I was thinking… what makes a good date even better?

Here I came up with few tips.

Golden rule:
Always take your time to get ready. This is super important because sometimes we get caught up by time, specially on a busy day so make yourself some time to prep. If you’re meeting after work take few minutes to refresh yourself and change or do whatever you need to do before going on your date.

Get yourself on a happy place.
Before going on your date relax and get yourself on a happy place so by the time you get there the only one he’s going to see is the fabulous you.

Wear your sexy underwear.
Wearing your favorite pair of sexy underwear will not only make you feel sexier but more confident.

Be open to try anything new.
Chances are that on your date you’re going to explore new places and have new exciting experiences so be open to try anything new, you are not only let him see what a cool chick you are you might find new things to do.

And those are my tips for a great date.

Be chic and confident!




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Guest Post: Dating From a Girl’s Perspective

Enjoy a girl’s point of view into the dating world. New to blogging, Danielle started her blog few months ago check out 17raisonspourlesquelles to know more about her.

Dating is not a game, it’s not science, it’s not chance, it’s not a matter of numbers. Dating is part of our social structure. Is the way we identify potential partners to become our life mate. That said our complex social structure has made this process complicated, full of dead ends, cheats, deceit, false starts, disappointment and sometimes pain and tears. Also fun, good times, great memories, smiles, excitement, joy, love, butterflies in our stomach, chocolates, and so on.

So what can we do in order to make dating something nice, pleasant and ultimately a nice experience all around? First I would say we need to love and accept ourselves. We need to be at peace and in acceptance of ourselves always aware that there’s room for improvement. After we’ve come to love and accept ourselves we have to determine what do we want exactly. Are we looking for a long term relationship? Something more casual? Just to know people? Once we have that figured out, we need to know what do we want in a person to be able to fit into what we are looking for. Be always honest with the people we meet and ask the same in return and the most important thing never settle for someone that doesn’t treat you the way you would treat yourself. Remember your worth, that you are a valuable human being, no better no worse, but valuable because of who you are.

Enjoy dating, the good and the bad at the end it gives you experience to learn and do better.

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The allure of a bad boy

We all know this guy the bad boy but what’s the deal with this guy?
He’s very attractive,daring, so mysterious, rebellious, exciting, flirtatious, confident, playful, intriguing and a little bit of a challenge, he has all the traits that makes him hot plus he’s a real seductress which makes him very alluring. He is great at hooking up and most of the time he’s great in bed…oh the perfect mate for a women! But is it?

Let’s talk about this type of guys. Do bad boys finish first?

The bad boy better know as the jerk, the narcissistic, chauvinistic and selfish. They won’t commit and the only thing they care about is their own pleasure. They have no boundaries and don’t care how long they have to go to indulge themselves. This type of guy screams trouble, I can see why they’re so appealing to women. Ironically all the traits on a bad boy have its upside if they only could turn into positive.

The truth is that their confidence gravitates towards their looks and the fact that they know they’re good at what they do. Deep down they’re so shallow and they’re so insecure that they behave like jerks because that’s the only way then can get laid, acting like a jerk is their only way to get ahead. So do bad boys finish first? Yes they do! but only because that’s the only thing they’re good at and that’s the only thing they know how to do. Sadly but true!


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If only life were like romantic comedies

Hello girls!!

What’s your favorite movie? A friend and I were talking and she gave me the idea for this topic I think it is fun to write about it so here it is.

If Only Life Were Like Romantic Comedies…

Relationships would be so much easier, we wouldn’t care about dating rules (not to be a rule breaker but i hate such rules. I blame the guys. Who create such rules anyway? ) and Long Distance Relationships would be so easy and would be unbeatable. For those tha have been on a LDR knows how hard can be just few of them have success.

Who have had a sucky first date?
If only life were like romantic comedies we would all have the perfect first date, an envy wardrobe and a perfect job. We would make out in the rain and still looking fabulous, perfect couples and perfect relationships would exist and romance would never die.

If only life were like romantic comedies we would bumping to the love of our life at the grocery store or walking our dog. We would get lock out of our apartment and fall in love with the hot gentleman next door. Yes I have a big imagination (ha ha)

What’s your version of a romantic comedies?

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