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Reasons why you should start your day exercising

Do you know that feeling you get when you are just out of the shower, stand right in front of a mirror, drop your towel and look at yourself? Makes you feel confident and sexy and it feels pretty good 🙂 doesn’t it?

Starting your day exercising will make you feel more energize throughout the day and boost your mood. When you exercise your body eliminates stress and boost hormones to make you feel good by the end of the day you will be able to sleep like baby.

It helps you to control and maintain your weight and keeps your heart healthy. The more you exercise the less prone you are to get sick or get a disease. Did you know that women that exercise often are less likely to get breast cancer?

It’s fun and it’s good for your sex life
Exercising can be fun and as it keeps you fit you will feel good about yourself, gain more confidence and boost your sex appeal. You’re not only going to feel sexier and happy with your body you’ll be improving your sex life.

Exercising is not only good for your health and body it makes you feel better about yourself. So what are you waiting for to start your day exercising? Grab those tennis shoes and hit the tracks!





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Man in Uniform

Lately I’ve found myself fascinated by man in uniforms  but what  is it that make  man in uniform so attractive? Certainly their uniforms gives them some degree of cockiness but is it that uniforms give them some sort of status that is appealing to the sight or is the sense of safeness and authority they represent. Think about it, fire mans, police mans,chefs, doctors,paramedics,sailors, etc etc… Hmm, not only authority uniforms but stereotyped like players, musicians,anything that falls into a stereotype. I wonder if their uniforms boost their sex appeal… Would that kind of man be the same without his uniform?

I remember one time having girl talk a  friend told me “I think what makes them very attractive is that they’re always looking neat and put together and  that’s very attractive.”

Very true, I think by wearing their uniforms they’re  more confident of what they do and  that’s what makes them stand up.

Girls what to you think?

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Today’s topic: Respect

Today I want to write about something very very important RESPECT

The reason I’m writing about this topic today is because I can’t I just can’t stand people being unrespecful it really upsets me and you can see it happen every day,bullying, girls calling other girls by names, abusive relationship, people being abusive to others not only in a relationship, etc…

Being unrespecful with yourself or anyone else is just WRONG!!!
Why the lack of respect? being rude doesn’t made you braver, insulting people doesn’t make you rise higher, cursing people doesn’t make you any good, Being unrespecful just doesn’t make you more important and it definitely does not make people respect you.

Ladies have respect for yourself and don’t ever let anyone disrespect you!

There’s just not a reason to disrespect someone. What you give is what you get in return so if you want to be respected start respecting others. Now I know there’s always going to be people you don’t like or some people might not like you but there is not one single reason why you should be unrespecful  is just not acceptable.

Women are beautiful creatures that God create to give life, yes ladies that’s how important we are and we deserve to be respected.

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Today’s Topic: Passion, a desirable feeling.

Passion: A temporary state of madness and desire.

You have seen it in the movies, one kiss led to a steamy make out session, the temperatures rises higher and higher as is hard to keep up with your breath as you go into an undeniable rush of passion that it is indescribable because words just would fall short on how amazing and ecstatic you felt.

Few months ago I wrote about Attraction vs. Love, two different but complementary things. While Love builds slowly Attraction attacks by surprise while unexpected and I think is important for them to be complementary to make a relationship endure.

Now back to subject, Passion alone is a temporary state of madness and desire but when it gets involve in a relationship Passion becomes an art of fusing two souls to make one.  Think about the scene I describe above.  Passion involve on a love scene, on the love making two becomes one just for the simple fact of being complementary. Passion alone is selfish and does not last long.

Yes! Passion is a way of expression that becomes an art.
Dancers are passionate about what they do; Tango for example is a very sensual and passionate dance that it really becomes an art of expression.

Passion becomes an art when you commit to the other person.


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If only life were like romantic comedies

Hello girls!!

What’s your favorite movie? A friend and I were talking and she gave me the idea for this topic I think it is fun to write about it so here it is.

If Only Life Were Like Romantic Comedies…

Relationships would be so much easier, we wouldn’t care about dating rules (not to be a rule breaker but i hate such rules. I blame the guys. Who create such rules anyway? ) and Long Distance Relationships would be so easy and would be unbeatable. For those tha have been on a LDR knows how hard can be just few of them have success.

Who have had a sucky first date?
If only life were like romantic comedies we would all have the perfect first date, an envy wardrobe and a perfect job. We would make out in the rain and still looking fabulous, perfect couples and perfect relationships would exist and romance would never die.

If only life were like romantic comedies we would bumping to the love of our life at the grocery store or walking our dog. We would get lock out of our apartment and fall in love with the hot gentleman next door. Yes I have a big imagination (ha ha)

What’s your version of a romantic comedies?

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Today’s Topic: Self Love

Hello Girls!!
Today I want to write about self-love and why is so important.

Have you ever heard about what you give is what you receive? Well now imagine if you despise yourself  what are you going to get in return? nothing good for sure.

When you smile the world becomes bright when you love yourself the world becomes a better place by just simply loving yourself. When you love yourself you become capable of loving someone else.

Girlies! there is not a single reason why you should love yourself we all have flaws because we are not perfect but embrace those flaws because you are perfectly imperfect so boost that self esteem and love yourself.

If you love yourself you believe in yourself and if you believe in yourself there’s nothing you can’t do.



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Today’s Topic: Sex Bloggers

Since blogs became popular people write about anything they’re interesting in; Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment, Life, Personal projects,DIY’s The Environment and… what am I missing? oh yeah Sex.

Sex blogs are very popular, (thanks cosmo for existing by the way) some are informative and some of them are just about the author’s sex experience and that makes me think…Is that their actual job? Have sex and then blog about it? That’s interesting because is like if you were getting pay for blog about your life but there is a thin line here that I would like to point at. Getting pay for blog about your life is one thing and getting pay for blog about your sex life well… that’s another story. It really depends on your point of view but since I see it (from a raw point on view, or at least that’s how I feel it) getting paid to write about your sex life wouldn’t be like getting paid for having sex and doesn’t that have a name?

I never see it like that before until today.
I read a blog about a girl that decided to stop having sex with her boyfriend and wrote how she felt good about it because that made her focus more on herself and she also wrote about her past sex experience, I thought “wow people are really comfortable putting their sex lives out there” I mean one thing is to talk about it with your friends and another is to blog away about it.
There’s a cosmo writer that blogs about doing the deed with her dude (click here to read all the juicy details) her most recent blog is about sex challenges that she complete on 31 days. She details everything she did with her boyfriend. Of course her identity is secret but that’s her job, have lots of sex with her boyfriend and then report about it. Her boyfriend must be trill to have a cool girlfriend like that.

On my very personal opinion I wouldn’t like to expose my sex life like that (even if is anonymous) and if that would be my job I’ll be just annoyed, sex is something intimate that is only shared with your partner not the whole world. From the moment you make it part of your job routine it just stops being intimate and the feeling of must do is just annoying. Not that I have something against it because I don’t actually some of the stories are fun to read but I just never thought about it that way.

How do you feel about sex bloggers? Would you be comfortable blogging about your sex life if that were you job or your partner’s job?

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