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What everyone’s talking about: Angelina’s Versace gown

Beautiful gowns I saw at the oscar awards but nothing beats Angelina Jolie’s gorgeous Versace gown. I’m in love with it! I have to give her credit because she wore it amazingly she kept it simple for the dress to be the center of attention. Not only she wore it gracefully she took advantage of the dress to be flirty and show off her leg. She looked just stunning!


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Grammy’s Favorites

I love the gown Taylor Swift wore. Is absolutely gorgeous!

Rihanna on Giorgio Armani looked very sexy.

This dress is so flirty and femenine I loved the ruffles

Well done Paris Hilton! She looks like a godess.

Loved her hair, Liked her Moschino dress.

Kelly Rowland as pretty as always

I‘m very impress by Kelly Osbourne appearance, I’m not loving her hair thoug but she looks stunning on this Tony Ward Couture, just like another godess. Love the dress!!!

 Kathy Griffin + Michael Kors = Beauty

 Kate Beckinsale took my breath away on this Zuhair Murad dress.

I loved the cut of this Stella McCartney dress.

Carrie Underwood looked stunning.

6 grammys winner Adele wore an Armani gown, so conservative and sober, so herself looking good as always. Loved her make up!

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In defense of Adele

How he dare?

I can’t believe Karl Lagerfeld just called Adele Fat.

“The thing at the moment is Adele, she is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.”

Excuse me Mr. Lagerfeld but weren’t you the Guy who lost like 70 pounds or so because was very overweight and then publicized a book about it? He knows how is it like to be point at. So why is he talking about Adele’s weight, she’s a beautiful talented women with an amazing voice. Her appearance won’t make her less talented just as his overweight didn’t make him less of a designer.

Adele fight backs saying that she represent most woman and she’s very proud of it. Her weight doesn’t interfere with her career or her talent. That it’s true, Good for Adele!

Shame on you Mr. Lagerfeld!



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Cheaters among the Stars…

I was reading Us weekly and I found an article that really made me cringe. I was reading  how Ashton Kutcher cheated on his wife Demi Moore on their sixth anniversary (I know, I know old news but I was at a hospital waiting room and there was only old magazine to read) but this girl, Sarah Leal gave details of what happened between the two of them and I was shocked! Girls, if you read the interview you would be as shock as I am.

*Note to all cheaters out there:
You’re all a disgrace

Cheating on someone when you’re full aware of what you’re doing is pretty nasty, without mentioning that is just wrong. Cheating on someone is never justified and is never acceptable. For those who doesn’t care is all right what goes around come around and for those who do care well…Good luck with that! It’s a shame they should have thought twice about it before they cheated. Sometimes being sorry won’t cut it. With every action it comes a reaction so Guys/Girls gotta face the consequences on your actions.

Now I’m not gonna get all judgy here because I know everyone makes mistakes but come on, Seriously…? Was it a mistake or was it on purpose?

You know that said “Once a cheater always a cheater” well I say “Once an ass always an ass” So girls if he did not know what he had or he couldn’t appreciate it some other guy will. Do you want to be with an ass? I don’t think so!

Some mistakes are on purpose, some mistakes reconciled, some mistakes are not even acceptable. Some things can get fix some things can’t. Want to make mends and reconcile? Hmm… Good luck with that my friend! because ain’t gonna be easy. It is up to the other person so forgive you but it is up to you to show how much you regret it and how much you care about forgivenes and trust. Now I wonder why are there so many nasty break ups. Poor Demi, I don’t think anyone deserves such an ass for a husband.

Would you forgive an infidelity?


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Adam Levine hottest man alive.

Searching on the internet what do I find… ohh sweet lord!!! I had to share this with y’all.

Adam Levine posing for Cosmopolitan UK to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer on 2011.

This dude is so comfortable on his own skin that he saids people always complain about him being naked. According to Eonline he says:

“I spend most of my life naked, in fact, I often have to be told by the people around me that it’s inappropriate to be as naked as I am. But I live in California, where it’s always warm, so why not?”

oh Adam, If you wanna be naked around is fine you’re allowed to do that. Can this man get any hotter? Is not the first time he sexily posed with his girlfriend. They’ve posed together for VOGUE Russia and she appears on his music video never gonna leave this bed.

Oh I’m jelous! If I were in bed with a guy like him I wouldn’t want to leave the bed neither. Ha ha ok no! back to subject. There were a lot of comments about these photos. He’s not that hot,There’s photoshop ot those pics, He’s the average guy with a nice bod, He’ll look better without tattoes, etc… Seriouly!? Can anyone focus on that?  Nevermind his tattoes he’s drop dead gorgeous! There were a lot of questionable comments about his, ahem, manhood. Any way what it counts here is that he was willing to strip down for a photoshoot for a good cause just take a good look  of the pic, like it or leave it. I don’t get why all the negative comment. I personally really enjoyed the pic.

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What he was thinking?…Big fashion faux pas

What was He thinking!!! Justin Bieber big fashion faux pas

 Note to Justin Bieber:
Fake Custom Made is tackyEven worst when you can tell it’s fake. Dude seriously there are way more cooler ways to be a trendsetter.

The brand Louis Vuitton must be very unpleasant…
I would be if I were a designer and I see someone walking around with something that proclaims being mine but it is no.

If you are very desperate for attention or simply just want to be a trendsetter please do not abuse brand labels. Big no no!!!

Girls/Guys If you like custom-made go ahead, do it yourself if you want but do not fake it!!! don’t use brand labels or designer names that’s ever worst than a fake purse.


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I’m sorry dear our marriage has expired…

Do you accept terms and conditions of this contract? No, I do not this is not a contract.

In Mexico lawmakers are trying to pass a license that allows couples that wants to get marry to choose the length of their marriage giving them a least a 2 year wedding license and not only that you actually get to put conditions on it so after this amount of time you’ll have to renew your marriage  if you want to stay married which is ridiculous and I find it outrageous because people don’t get married for an amount of time people get married to be with that person for the rest of their lives. So this is horrible!
Marriage is not a contract or an imposition. What happened to the nature of marriage? I’ll love you until the day I die…for  the good and bad… For what I know everything has its ups and downs and this 2 year license thing gives the opportunity of an easy way out when things go to a difficult path instead of trying to work them out as it suppose to be on a marriage. This does not solve divorce issues, it might not be as many divorces but they would be a lot of pointless and senseless marriages.

Just Imagine to have to renew a contract every 2 years to be married, no is not romantic it takes away the magic and the meaning of a marriage. This is not a lease! is not like a car insurance. This really makes me mad because if you get married is because you love that person and you are willing to spend the rest of your life with that person because of love. Love is not a contract or an imposition and marriage shouldn’t be either.  This whole 2 year licence will make it more of an obligation than a opcion and no one wants to feel obligated to get or stay married. That really takes away the meaning of it.


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