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OMG!! What’s Magnetic Nail Polish?

Magnetic Nail Polish: The Next Big Manicure Trend?.

photo from bellasugar.com

Girlies!!! Have you heard about his before? Magnetic Nail Polish.
If you haven’t  then you really have to read this. It is new to me and I find it amazing. I so want to try this nail polish! Let me tell you what I just find out about this nail polish, its formula has magnetize particles in it so whenever it gets close to a magnet  the color changes into cool patters just like the picture above. Isn’t this awesome? I think this polish is a must have  this season.




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Turquoise Nail Polish

Hello girlies!

Today I’m going to show off my nails. Ever since I saw my sister wearing a turquoise nail polish I fell in love with it so I decided to give it a try (hoping it look the same on my nails) and I love it! I love bold colors, so here is it.

Sorry for the bad pic resolution I didn’t have my camera at hand so I took it with my phone.

This made me wonder…
Do you have a big sisters? For those who do you know how is it when little girls wants to be like their old sister growing up, well this kinda inspired me today.


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DIY Glitter Nails

I was bored, too much spare time and nothing much to so I came up with and idea. I give my nails one coat of clear nail polish and trew glitter on them before the polish dry. To fishish them up I put one coat of nail polish on top so they last more and the glitter don’t fall out.

One Tip:
Be carefull to remove the glitter because if you rub too hard the glitter can scratch your nails

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