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How to wear a suit

Main Rule:
Proper fit.

Nothing kills a good suit more than wrong fit. So guys, before buying a suit make sure it fits properly if not get it tailor it. You want to look handsome and presentable.

A suit is characteristic for being formal, sober and subtle.
When buying a suit opt for something conservative on neutral colors. The key of success is to find a suit that has that subtlety but speaks for itself.

Stick to the same color hue
This is super important because the accessories have to be complementary to the hue of the suit. Of course you can pop some color (and you should) into your suit but always under the same hue as your suit. You don’t want to look like a wreck so if your suit has gray tones stick to grey tones if is earthy tones sick to earthy tones and so on.

The tie complements the whole look and should never be the same color as the dress shirt.
Do not, Do not make a tie the center of attention. A tie should complement and put together the whole look and again it should be the same hue as the suit and always darker than the dress shirt. For my own personal taste the best option is the single colour tie or if you like a little bit of flare  a very very subtle pattered tied.

Socks should always match the trousers or the shoes.
Avoid faux pas for your own sake and match socks with the color of your trousers or in case your shoes are different color then match your socks to your shoes.

Guys, there’s nothing more appealing than a man that dress for the occasion and knows what and how to dress. Style it up a bit depending on what you’re wearing, accessories like shoes, watches and cuff links  are great helpers and says a lot about a guy.

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