Cheaters among the Stars…

I was reading Us weekly and I found an article that really made me cringe. I was reading  how Ashton Kutcher cheated on his wife Demi Moore on their sixth anniversary (I know, I know old news but I was at a hospital waiting room and there was only old magazine to read) but this girl, Sarah Leal gave details of what happened between the two of them and I was shocked! Girls, if you read the interview you would be as shock as I am.

*Note to all cheaters out there:
You’re all a disgrace

Cheating on someone when you’re full aware of what you’re doing is pretty nasty, without mentioning that is just wrong. Cheating on someone is never justified and is never acceptable. For those who doesn’t care is all right what goes around come around and for those who do care well…Good luck with that! It’s a shame they should have thought twice about it before they cheated. Sometimes being sorry won’t cut it. With every action it comes a reaction so Guys/Girls gotta face the consequences on your actions.

Now I’m not gonna get all judgy here because I know everyone makes mistakes but come on, Seriously…? Was it a mistake or was it on purpose?

You know that said “Once a cheater always a cheater” well I say “Once an ass always an ass” So girls if he did not know what he had or he couldn’t appreciate it some other guy will. Do you want to be with an ass? I don’t think so!

Some mistakes are on purpose, some mistakes reconciled, some mistakes are not even acceptable. Some things can get fix some things can’t. Want to make mends and reconcile? Hmm… Good luck with that my friend! because ain’t gonna be easy. It is up to the other person so forgive you but it is up to you to show how much you regret it and how much you care about forgivenes and trust. Now I wonder why are there so many nasty break ups. Poor Demi, I don’t think anyone deserves such an ass for a husband.

Would you forgive an infidelity?



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2 responses to “Cheaters among the Stars…

  1. stacyblaise

    I have been cheated on and my heart was broken. He then left me for some girl. I found out recently that he was caught (in the act) cheating on her by that woman’s husband. I was tickled. Just plain tickled.

    Miss Stacy Blaise

    • omg!!! I know that feeling girl. It’s going to sound meany but I’m glad he got caugth in the act.
      I’ll laugh of course I’ll be shocked who wouldn’t but after that that would be something to laugh about.

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