Stop obssesing with your weigth.

Hello ladies,

I have something to say for today Stop obsessing with your weight!.

That’s right! please stop this unhealthy habit your ideal weight is never going to be right for you. There are a lot of factors that influence in your weight and the size you wear such as body type, bone structure, genes. etc.

Unless you’re over weigth you shouldn’t worry about starving yourself so you can lose weight. Size zero from the runway looks anorexic and let’s be realistic if you’re curvy or full figure there’s no way you can be that skinny but that doesn’t mean you’re not. Ladies embrace that bodylicious that you got!
Size zero is not for everyone and most of the time size zero equal anorexic. So if you’re really concern about being fit just follow a balance diet, start eating healthy and start working out, remember that following healthy habits will lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

I always heard about loosing weight or dieting and what everyone does to lose weight. I’m very petite and small so I can’t lose weigth in fact i’m always trying to gain weigth or keep it up.

Being fit and healthy doesn’t measure by what size you wear so don’t stress about loosing unnecessary weight.





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2 responses to “Stop obssesing with your weigth.

  1. It is definitely true us women can be obsessed with our weight whatever weight we may be. But in our defence as soon as you open a magazine 90% of them have size 0 models ,which is very unhealthy.I know they say clothes hang of slimmer models better, but their is plenty of healthier sized women that clothes look good on too, it’s just the fashion industry must keep their traditions, even though it is causing osteoporosis in women, malnutrition it just isn’t worth it but they would never publisize that next to a size zeromodel.

    • True is that fashion industry is to blame when it comes to eating dissorders because everyone’s trying to look like models size zero. Not everyone can afford size zero. You can still look skinny being healthy and curvy. I agree there are a lot of beautiful women out there that are not size zero and stil look fit.

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