What he was thinking?…Big fashion faux pas

What was He thinking!!! Justin Bieber big fashion faux pas

 Note to Justin Bieber:
Fake Custom Made is tackyEven worst when you can tell it’s fake. Dude seriously there are way more cooler ways to be a trendsetter.

The brand Louis Vuitton must be very unpleasant…
I would be if I were a designer and I see someone walking around with something that proclaims being mine but it is no.

If you are very desperate for attention or simply just want to be a trendsetter please do not abuse brand labels. Big no no!!!

Girls/Guys If you like custom-made go ahead, do it yourself if you want but do not fake it!!! don’t use brand labels or designer names that’s ever worst than a fake purse.



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6 responses to “What he was thinking?…Big fashion faux pas

  1. I totally agree. Wearing fake designer brands will NOT make you seem cool or anything of the sort. More than likely, people will notice that it’s fake. I would definitely rather splurge to get the real thing, or not get it at all…opposed to faking it. It’s really surprising that Justin Bieber, someone quite famous, would wear something fake. His stylist should get a slap on the wrist!! aha

    • I know I was shocked when I saw it. It’s not like he can’t afford the brand and I can’t believe his stylist would ever let him step outside wearing such thing. that’s a crime in the name of fashion and their stylist carrer!

  2. Oh dear Justin needs to sack his wardrobe assistant and invest in a new one. Its not to say he cannot afford the real thing now is it….


  3. Wow, that is so ugly! I don’t understand why his stylists would let him out in public like this!

    • He should really fired his stylist…Hope he does have one because lately seems like tries to hard or he just don’t care about what he’s wearing. Fashion police should arrest his stylist for such crime haha…

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