Finding the perfect bra

The bra can be our best friend or our worst enemy! That’s why we have to find the perfect fit for and the right bra. Is not always that easy to do sometimes I just want to divorce my relationship with bras and go bra-less but we know that’s not the best option. Bras comes in many shapes and style and they don’t fit the same most of the time.

First thing to do is to know what’s you’re right size to do so measure your breast and place the tape measure  right under your arm pits, this would give you the band size, if it’s an odd number just add one number to make it even. Then measure your breast on its fullest point that’s right on the middle, this would give you the cup size. Now let’s do some math, the difference between the two measurements will give the bra size. Let’s say your first measure was 34 and your second measure was 36, that means your bra size should be 34B.

Difference between measures
0 in AA cup
1 in A cup
2 in B cup
3 in C cup
4 in D cup
5 in DD cup

Now that you know what’s your right bra size there shouldn’t be a problem finding the perfect fit just keep in mind what is that you’re looking for on a bra. Women with a big bust should seek for support, bras with ticker straps and back crossed offers more support on the contrary girls with small bust should seek for padded or push up bras that would flatter their cleavage.

It doesn’t matter what style do you prefer the important thing is that you choose the right size to avoid any harm to the girls or any unwanted fat rolls or strech marks.




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