The allure of a bad boy

We all know this guy the bad boy but what’s the deal with this guy?
He’s very attractive,daring, so mysterious, rebellious, exciting, flirtatious, confident, playful, intriguing and a little bit of a challenge, he has all the traits that makes him hot plus he’s a real seductress which makes him very alluring. He is great at hooking up and most of the time he’s great in bed…oh the perfect mate for a women! But is it?

Let’s talk about this type of guys. Do bad boys finish first?

The bad boy better know as the jerk, the narcissistic, chauvinistic and selfish. They won’t commit and the only thing they care about is their own pleasure. They have no boundaries and don’t care how long they have to go to indulge themselves. This type of guy screams trouble, I can see why they’re so appealing to women. Ironically all the traits on a bad boy have its upside if they only could turn into positive.

The truth is that their confidence gravitates towards their looks and the fact that they know they’re good at what they do. Deep down they’re so shallow and they’re so insecure that they behave like jerks because that’s the only way then can get laid, acting like a jerk is their only way to get ahead. So do bad boys finish first? Yes they do! but only because that’s the only thing they’re good at and that’s the only thing they know how to do. Sadly but true!



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4 responses to “The allure of a bad boy

  1. Also because good boys are just so darn boring.

    • I don’t think nice guys are boring, I like nice guys but I think that what they should know is when to cross the line of being the nice guy. Dating a guy that wont dare to cross that line and show a little of his bad side can get boring. That’s the deal about nice guys.

      **Note to all guys out there: We do what a nice guy but we want you to know when to cross that line. Keep a balance between the good and the bad boy with confidence, we don’t need you to be a jerk.

  2. I agree, but I think some have problems(developmental, low self-esteem, etc).. that’s why they are acting like a jerk. lol, anyway.. great post! I wonder why your posting about bad boys? hmm.. lol

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