My Shopping tips

Is not a secret that I love shopping, I go crazy for cloths and shoes and jewelry and everything that catch my eye. I have my favorites designers and stores but the truth is that I buy anything that I like anywhere, I don’t care much if is designer or not, if is a well-recognized brand or not, if I like it I’ll buy it and that’s why I want to share some things I have learned about shopping and caring for clothing.

**Golden rules**
If you don’t love it, don’t buy it.
If  is not versatile, better think twice about it. I’m not saying don’t buy it but just think if it would be worth of buying and is not going to be just sitting on your closet.
If you have nothing that goes with what you’re buying don’t buy it unless you buying something that goes with it.
If it’s not flattering don’t buy it.
If you like it but can’t picture yourself wearing it, don’t even think about it.

Now with my golden rules establish let’s talk about shopping.

The most important thing that you must always look for is quality. Trust me you wont like the disappointment when you find out that your just bought piece is not longer wearable after you wash it or after the first two times you wore it.

Always look for the materials of your clothing, If is pricey it better be worth it! Clothing made out of natural fibers are the best but they can be more expensive, some materials like silk,wool,mohair and cashemere are quite pricey but are definitely worth it.

Is super important to know how to care for your clothing that’s why you should take the time to read the labels. I’ve learned this the hard way ha ha.  Labels are there for a reason and if you want your precious clothing to last have to know how to care for them.

Do seek for sales! You can find great findings at sales especially when the season is ending so take advantage of it.

If you’re buying shoes please make sure they are comfortable to walk with and won’t hurt your feet there’s  nothing chic about being in pain and feeling uncomfortable. Blistered feet are not pretty.

Happy Shopping!!



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2 responses to “My Shopping tips

  1. Alicia Rivera

    Super cuh-yoote shawpping pointers chicka! I’ll deffinitely use them next time I go shawpping 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

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