Live Healthy Eat Happy

Being Chic is not only about style is about being healthy and feeling happy and with the holidays coming up  is very important to know how to stay fit and keep eating healthy so we can have a feast that we won’t regret.

But being healthy is not only about staying fit is all about having good habits and eating healthy so when I notice that there was a campaign on B2B  to review Around The Plate, a website that is all about  wellness and being healthy  I was more than excited to check it out and do a review.

Around The Plate is not only a website written by experts dietitians is also a community where every day people can share their stories and recipes.  We all know that nowadays is hard to keep up with eating healthy because we have forgotten about healthy habits and have opt for a more sedentary life reign by fast food. Eating healthy does not always has to be complicated and Around The Plate aims to promote how easy and simple is to have a healthy life style .

On this website you cannot only find  interesting articles about health and wellness  you can also find ideas and recipes for this holidays  with nutritional info. I found very interesting articles looking thru this website.

Have you ever been in the situation where you get so excited about spring break and there you are getting ready for your vacations and… Ops! Suddenly you find out that your bathing suit doesn’t fit anymore? Well… That’s exactly what you can avoid  if  you know How to keep your weight during the holidays and that’s exactly what Around The Plate can teach you.

Have something to say? Share your story.

I invite you ladies to check out this site and share your recipes and tips on how to stay healthy.

Be Chic and Stay Healthy!

For more of Around The Plate sign up for their weekly E-letter. Visit their  facebook page or follow them on Twitter  @aroundtheplate .



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2 responses to “Live Healthy Eat Happy

  1. I love all of these ideas! I just adore those websites that people share recipes & diet tips on 🙂


  2. Oh thanks for the review – I’ll have to check this out. Also I completely agree – being chic almost means being healthy.

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