Sunday morning, rain is falling Steal some covers, share some skin…

With the low temperatures really kicking in now I feel like winter is around the corner and I don’t complain I like the cold weather, not extremely cold thou but I do enjoy this weather so today I went for a walk and took this pictures. I thought about posting what I like about winter so here it is.

Winter clothing is so much cutter than any other station. layering effect, cozy sweaters, trench coats, jackets, scarfs and chunky accessories. The holidays coming up are perfect to bring family and friends together and perfect excuse to trow a party.

I love to bake in winter, it keeps my house warm and my family and guest happy. Winter is just perfect to gather together and spend some quality time. Other thing that I like, meeting my friends at cafes, shopping for gifts, DIY projects to decorate the house and trying on new recipes.

Have a significant other?
What is better than snuggle together to keep each other warm, watch a movie, share a cup of hot chocolate, read a good book, cook together…Nothing like enjoying quality time together on this cold days.

I love winter is so bohemian


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