Great Lash lots of lashes from Maybelline

When a girl is bored…She goes shopping!

Ok it was not a shopping spree but I did bough some things that i need it on my cosmetic bag and as a beauty junkie that I am I have to share my love and contentment for Maybelline. Seriously I swear by Maybelline’s mascara! I love them!

I’ve been using Great Lash for a long time now and this weekend I run out of mascara so I went to buy more stuff and I couldn’t resist to lots of lashes cute presentation the cute heart-shaped wand caugth my attention, my lashes are long but thin are there not that many so I thougth that was the right wand for me and I was not wrong. The wand gets to every lash for the small ones to the stubborn ones . I felt in love with this mascara that I’m sticking to it. What I like the most is that my lashes feels ligth and look natural and fabulous.

I would also like to try Volum’ Express the falsies. Hmm…I guess I’ll have to buy it during the week. I would really like to see for myself if it really gives the dramatic effect of falsies.



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