Surviving to a LDR

Foget me not by Kim Anderson

Can you survive a long distance relationship?  Yes you can but the truth is…


They are very difficult to survive.  I know few succesful stories but most of the long distance relationships I know failed and I’m not being pessimistic here girls. I am a hopeless romantic gal, I believe in soul mates and love conquers all but when it comes to LDR  I’m not skeptic but I have to be realistic and this comes for a person that has experience it.

LDR are not easy, not easy at all!!! they require a lot of commitment and trust and if you’re not ready for the challenge is not going to succeed. Relationships are hard enough, now can you imagine being away from the person you want to be with? Of course if you focus on that you’re going to lose it, being away from the person you love is the cruelest thing ever. My question is… what makes a good long distance relationship endure?

I met a cute couple that were on a LDR and somehow they manage to keep a sane relationship, I believe they are so meant to be I don’t know them for that long  but as I’ve seen they are perfect for each other and they are married now. Is cute because they had to moved their wedding date because he got a job offer in spain so they had to move there and decide to move their wedding date earlier. No one knew when they got married because it happened so fast that they just had an intimate and private ceremony, only their family knew about it and of course their friends hear the news after they got married.

So what makes a good long distance relationship endure?

I think I have some tips.

communication is the key not only for a LDR but for every relationship. Is very important to be honest and to keep the communication as much as possible, there’s no excuse we live on a world ruled by technology nowadays is very easy to communicate, video calls are great helpers, texting, e-mail, phone calls even mail.

Set what’s right and wrong
If you’re on a serious relationship at some point you have to talk about it because what might be normal for you might be wrong for your partner  so discuss your point of views and talk about what’s wrong and right so you can get to an understanding.

Keep the romance.
I don’t know if I’m the only one that sees LDR romantic. yes they can be pain in the ass too but if you see the bright side they can be romantic.  Send your loved one an e-mail reminding how much you love then and miss the. Surprise your love one, call just to say you love him. Be creative

Set a date to see each other
Distance is a bitch so set a date to see each other and spend some quality time together.

Discuss your schedule
If you two are too far away you’re schedules might not be the same especially if there is time difference. So talk about it because you don’t want to make your partner feel like is being ignore.

Keep the intimacy that makes you feel closer
Intimacy is very important on a relationship because it makes you feel closer so figure a way to keep it intimate.


Has anyone been on a long distance relationship?  How do you handdle it?




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5 responses to “Surviving to a LDR

  1. I managed it for a year at one point and I believe that your tips are solid. When it boils down to it, I guess that the qualities which make for a successful LDR are largely the same as those for any relationship.

    The only thing that I would add is that there should be some type of game plan for transitioning to a conventional relationship. Both parties should have a finish line to look forward to.

    Great post!

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