My shopping List for this Fall

Aveda Inner ligth mineral tinted moisturizer

Bare Esentuals bareMineral All-Over face color on Pure Radiance

Burt's Bee Honey Lip Balm

Stay all day waterproof eye liner

OPI Tutti Frutti Tionga

Bath&Body works Warm Vanilla body lotion

Bath&Body works Warm Vanilla Sugar shower gel

 I love the change of seasons and since I finally feel like fall is here I have little shopping to do. First of all nothing says cozy fall like the fragrance of vanilla with a hint of of sandalwood. For my make up I’m going nude but I’m keeping a strong eyeliner. So instead of foundation I opt for a more subtle look and I’m going to use a tinted moisturizer from aveda I want to draw all the attention to my eyes, a liquid eye liner will do although I have to confess that my favorite is gel eye liner but since I already have one I want to give liquid eye liner a try. I want to get a bronzer that can define my cheek bones and give me a little bit of a glow. Finally, to complete my look I need the perfect nail polish I really liked this shade from OPI and it has a funny name too, Tutti Frutti Tionga. I want to buy more nail polish on nude colors because all the ones that I have are reds and brigth colors and pinks haha I love them but this season I want to tone down my nails… Hmm.. funny! let’s see how much it last haha because I’ve always been into brigth nail polish.




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2 responses to “My shopping List for this Fall

  1. I tried Burt’s Bees Lip Balm but I can’t say I’m a fan. It’s sort of thick and waxy. My current Fav is the classic Strawberry chapstick, it’s cheap and super smooth.
    I just subscribed to your blog, and look forward to reading more posts 😉

    • Hi Niki! thanks for subscribing!

      I love the strawberry chapstick but I’m actually switching my chapstick from burt’s bee just because is more .
      I hope you enjoy my post! 🙂


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