Turquoise Nail Polish

Hello girlies!

Today I’m going to show off my nails. Ever since I saw my sister wearing a turquoise nail polish I fell in love with it so I decided to give it a try (hoping it look the same on my nails) and I love it! I love bold colors, so here is it.

Sorry for the bad pic resolution I didn’t have my camera at hand so I took it with my phone.

This made me wonder…
Do you have a big sisters? For those who do you know how is it when little girls wants to be like their old sister growing up, well this kinda inspired me today.



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4 responses to “Turquoise Nail Polish

  1. I don’t have any sisters, but I have several older female cousins that have always been my idols. It’s nice to have someone to look up to! Also, I’ve been wearing lots of turquoise nail polish myself. Just moved to Brazil and it’s a little out there in terms of what Brazilian women wear, but I like it anyway 🙂

  2. I know is nice to have someone to count on. oh really, what’s their style there?

  3. For toes, anything in the pink/red family. For hands, it’s mostly french manicures or pale pinks/whites, with the occasional cherry red thrown in. I’ve been wearing Essie’s Lilac-ism too and have received some compliments.

    If you’re interested in Brazilian style, I just started a blog on why Brazilian women are so alluring. Feel free to check it out, and keep up your fun posts here!

  4. oh really, They don’t dare to wear outside the common nail polish? sounds interesting I will check out your blog.

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