Men style for every age

Teen ages & Early 20’s

Pierre Bouvier’s style  is perfect for the teen ages and early 20’s. What I love about his style is that he seems so laid back but still stylish and what I like the most is that he can put together pieces that does not match but he manage to make them look good. He just has a simple and unique style. I love how he looks on simple plan’s video Can’t keep my hand off you and Jet lagged (if you are a simple plan fan you know what I’m talking about, I love them) I just loved how he match a hoodie with a vest. One time I went out with a guy that dresses kinda like him he always match things that really did not match but he pulled that off just fine and omg he drived me crazy I just loved loved his style.

Guys remember, having your own style is always hot!

Mid 20’s

What’s not perfect about Chace Crawford? said purrfect!
This guy can grow a beard, be covered on mud, look like a hobo and still look amazing. His style is fresh but yet sophisticated, always looking neat and stylish just like his character on gossip girl.


Jake Gyllenhaal is the perfect 30-year-old  guy, he always looks nice and fashionable, I love his style! He can pull out pretty much every style. Guys at the age of 30 you must opt for a mature and refined style that show off your personality and remember the 3 day old beard is an accessory too. use it! 😉


What’s Tom Cruise’s secret to look that good?
Remember that mature and refined look on your 30’s well… 40 has it but remember guys to innovate so you don’t get carry away by the years.


George Clooney…
Guys please don’t dye your hair embrace paper&salt hairstyle it looks just fine and mature just don’t grow up a beard.


I love Steve Martin! He just dresses like his age which is an important thing to do when your getting old but remember never lost your style.


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