Heel Condoms

Heel Condoms

Girlies have you check out the latest trend on shoes?

Well, Let me tell you about these awesome condoms, yes you read that right! They are called Heel Condoms. Named by entrepreneur Sandraysabel Ortiz who thought about dressing up your heels to make them look different. isn’t that awesome? You can now increase your shoe collection without having to buy more shoes. Just slip your shoes on this cover ups and voilá! ready to rock your new pair of shoes.
You can find them online for the cost of $20-$40 dlls depending on the style you want and what’s really cool is that they ship worldwide.

I already check them out and this are my favorites.




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3 responses to “Heel Condoms

  1. oh my gosh!! this is soo fabulous! i love it! i love your post! this one made my day.<3

    —jena http://fashiondiy101.wordpress.com/

  2. I love them! I want some! I need some! They would go soo well with my plainer shoes
    Zoe – http://lifeinleopardprint.wordpress.com/

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