Beauty Horror

Few days ago I found pictures of Kesha without all of her crazy make up and crazy outfits and I must admit that she look pretty darn good.  I don’t know why she likes to make her hair look dirty, I like Kesha but I have to admit that sometimes she looks kinda trashy.  So while I was asking myself why do celebrities make an effort to look terrible (seriously what’s the point of making yourself look terrible) Taylor Momsen pop up in my mind and guess what? I soooo had to blog about this. Just look at this picture I found.

OMFG is horrible! What she was thinking? and why does she wants to scare us like that with such a  grotesque look.

 Aside of the horror I must admit this is quite funny, obviously is not her best face picture. well, I laughed. Hey Taylor why don’t you apply red lipstick all over your mouth and call yourself the joker’s lost and found daughter. (joking here) I’m sorry don’t hate me for it I just had to do it. Let’s see a picture of her looking “normal.”


See, not bad at all! is kinda difficult to believe she was Material Girl’s image on 2010 (no I’m not being a hater, nothing against her but let’s face it how many times do you see a scared-raccon-looking model walking on the streets, you don’t!) So I guess her weird out of common looks has to do with her rock band The Pretty Reckless which I like by the way but that doesn’t mean I look all vampy and scary.


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  1. ewwww did she really go out like that? thats hideous!!

    i’m new to wordpress and i hope you get to read some of my stuff whenever you have time! xoxox

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